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Hey, I'm

khariya Hassana 

Actress / Performer / Model

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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my website. I am 20 years old from New Jersey and I've studied Performing Arts Theater for five years .I've had the passion for it since I was five . I soon began an interest in modeling within my junior and senior year of highschool. I've gotten the opportunity to model in two fashion shows, which one of them being in NYFW. Ever since I was little, dancing and making up my own scripts, I knew I wanted to be in front of a camera. Playing numerous unique roles on the stage and behind  the screen will always bring me joy and comfort. Something that I love to do is look at ''Behind the Scenes''of almost every TV/Film as well as watching runway shows and different photo shoot preparations. Seeing the actors prepare for their roles and tap into different characters is so inspiring. One of the most inspiring actress for me is Viola Davis among many other talented men and women. I enjoy spending my time learning from them and as well as thrifting with my friends, binge watching Netflix shows and eating sushi.


dramatic pair scene ''doubt''by patrick stanley

Female monologue ''the star bangled girl''

''Malcmom & Marie'' knife scene

''US'' red monologue


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